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Alleged multiple murderer of NYC homeless had long rap sheet, little jail time

Conservative Review

There was a multiple murder in New York over the weekend, but few in the country will ever find out about it. There will never be a public policy discussion over murders like this, because Republicans refuse to push the issue of repeat offenders avoiding jail time.

Rodriguez “Randy” Santos was arrested Saturday for beating five homeless men in Chinatown with a metal pipe while they were sleeping, leaving four dead and one critically injured. The 49-year-old victim who survived was the one who identified Santos for police. Santos was reportedly caught on video footage roaming the streets looking for more victims before he was caught.

Clearly, gun control wouldn’t have helped here, and already, nobody can carry a firearm to protect themselves against such attacks in New York City. But you know what could have worked? Criminal control of known repeat violent offenders who barely serve any time in prison.

In what is becoming an epidemic in cities like New York, Santos had at least 14 arrests, often for violent crimes, but was not locked up.

According to the New York Post, Santos had 14 prior arrests over 11 years, four just over the past year. Santos allegedly attacked a man by biting him in the chest last November, but the disposition of his case is sealed, and it’s unclear why he remained out of jail.

Also, that month, according to the Post, Santos was arrested for slugging a random stranger on the subway. His most recent arrest on May 13 was for striking a homeless person at a shelter with, you guessed it, a metal pipe.

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