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Another NYT anonymous 'bombshell'

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Another anonymous bombshell …

NYT “email” bombshell … If you’ve turned on cable news this morning, you are probably hearing about a “bombshell” email report from the New York Times. That’s when I went to the Times website to read the email for myself. Except they don’t have it. What they have is “three people,” who are never named, telling the Times about the email. Color me skeptical.

What they leave out … The Russian lawyer in question had a relationship with the DC firm that hired someone to prepare the infamous unconfirmed dossier on Trump, at the behest of Democrats. The Independent, a left-leaning online newspaper in the UK, reported on the connection regarding Fusion GPS. For the record, the Independent is now owned by a Russian oligarch, which is not disclosed in their reporting.

Stelter is giddy (again) … CNN’s media critic is again acting more like a lapdog than a watchdog regarding his media brethren. In his daily email, he touted the NYT “bombshell” and how Fox didn’t cover the “reporting.” There was no mention by Stelter of the anonymous sourcing the story was based upon.

Levin explains the real bombshell … CR Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin explained on his radio program last night that the real story the media should be reporting is that James Comey brought classified material home. Take a listen.

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