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Beto clams up on 'youthful indiscretion' of drunk-crashing a car and reportedly trying to leave the scene

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New information has surfaced about the drunk driving history of Beto O’Rourke, the legacy media and progressive darling who is running to unseat Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

The Houston Chronicle has pulled records from O’Rourke’s 1998 drunk driving incident, when the heavily intoxicated O'Rourke, then 26 years old, slammed his vehicle into a median near the New Mexico-Texas border.

The Chronicle reports:

State and local police reports obtained by the Chronicle and Express-News show that O’Rourke was driving drunk at what a witness called “a high rate of speed” in a 75 mph zone on Interstate 10 about a mile from the New Mexico border. He lost control and hit a truck, sending his car careening across the center median into oncoming lanes. The witness, who stopped at the scene, later told police that O’Rourke had tried to drive away from the scene.

The aspiring Texas candidate reportedly recorded a 0.136 on police breathalyzer, which is well above the legal limit for driving.

The O’Rourke campaign released a statement Thursday, accepting blame for the incident.

"I drove drunk and was arrested for a DWI in 1998,” read the statement. “As I've publicly discussed over the last 20 years, I made a serious mistake for which there is no excuse."

However, Mr. O’Rourke notably did not addressed the allegation that he fled the scene after crashing his car while intoxicated.


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