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‘Big blue wave’ is more like a white-hot mess

Conservative Review

While Mitch McConnell clutches his pearls, ever so fearful of the Democrats’ blue wave, the elections this year prove to be the Republicans’ to lose.

Republicans facing primary challenges still will have to explain their party’s outrageous spending habits or get booted. But no matter what comes of the primaries, let’s look at the white hot mess that is the Democrat Party.

First off, chairmanship of the DNC was decided between a rabid anti-Semite and Tom Perez, who is considered part of the big-money-establishment. And now after over a year of attacking the president and his party, the DNC has filed a lawsuit against them. Unfortunately for Perez and his leadership, prominent leftists in Congress and the media are calling the DNC lawsuit a “100 percent stunt,” a “silly distraction,” and “ill-conceived.” It is also believed a countersuit will be filed, which will lead to damaging discovery on the DNC during an election year. Meanwhile, news that the kiss of death, I mean Hillary, will headline a DNC fundraiser has prompted some democrats to publicly wish she’d just go away.

Billionaire Tom Steyer is bankrolling the effort to kick 84-year-old Dianne Feinstein out of office in favor of a man 33 years her junior. Feinstein is getting pummeled by progressives for not “acting like a Democrat” when she said that she hopes Trump can be a good president. California Democrats made the decision to not endorse the four-term senator, but then, California Democrats have also legalized child prostitution.

Speaking of Tom Steyer, the Democratic leadership is having a tough time with his insistence that they impeach President Trump. Steyer and a host of Democrats have been openly calling for the impeachment of Trump while the leadership, including Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Chuck Schumer, Cory Booker, and even Rahm Emmanuel try to dampen expectations of impeachment. It seems the rabid anti-Trump base they manufactured wants blood — blood the leaders are increasingly aware they can’t give them. The articles of impeachment they’ve already introduced hinge on former FBI Director Comey’s assertions, which were just destroyed by Anderson Cooper — and basically every time Comey opens his mouth.

The favored tribes of the Democrat Party, Planned Parenthood and the SEIU, are at odds. The SEIU is demanding that the nation’s top abortion provider be unionized. But Planned Parenthood is fighting back against unionization on grounds that the Obama-era rule on micro-units that the SEIU is using has been reversed … by the Trump administration. Meanwhile, the Democrat Party is fighting against unionization of its own workers.

Another Democrat Party tribe, the ACLU, has been called out by liberal Alan Dershowitz, who calls it a “left-wing, agenda-driven lobby group that protects its contributors and constituents while ignoring the civil liberties of Americans with whom it disagrees” and says that the organization has “sunk to a new low, becoming  a cheerleader for the violation of the civil liberties of those on the other side of the political spectrum.” Oh my!

Speaking of civil liberties, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer wouldn’t meet with a pro-Israel group and is caught between being a prominent Jew and the young progressives who expect him to be on the BDS bandwagon. Democrats are notoriously anti-Semitic, and the pro-Israel group had wished to talk to Schumer about a marked increase of anti-Semitism on campuses nationwide. Meanwhile, Democrat leader Patty Murray’s staff confirmed, “We don’t care about anti-Semitism in this office.” Meanwhile, the Carter Center stands accused of using taxpayer funds to support known terror groups like Hamas.

In more obvious attacks on what used to be the Democrat base, Democrats aren’t arguing in primaries about who is for and who is against the Second Amendment; no, they are openly sparring about who is the most extreme gun-grabber to gain votes.

Anybody know what the Dems’ position is on violent gangs? Especially since it has just been confirmed that Obama sprinkled the nation with MS-13 gang members as part of his infernal immigration con, bringing in more drugs and drug-runners who are fueling the “opioid” crisis.

Democrats suffer from an irrational fear of the census because representation is based on it, which is why when they lose, they sue. But their paranoia has deepened since finding out that their constituents will be asked if they are American citizens come the 2020 census.

Congressional Democrats insisted on hanging a painting on Capitol Hill that depicted policemen as pigs, as the nation mourned random attacks on police as a result of disinformation given to the black community on media-hyped shootings. The Democracy Alliance is promising priorities in this order: 1) Medicare for all; 2) free college, and after all that is accomplished, 3) reparations.

No matter; Bernie Sanders is courting the black community, exposing the rift between blacks and Sanders’ base of young white progressives. But his message may be a tough sell since his pitch blames the Democrat losses of the last ten years on Barack Obama, America’s first black president. The danger for the Left lies in what has recently happened with Kanye West. Kanye West has reached across the aisle via Twitter and stated that he likes the way Candace Owens thinks, and that’s more damaging to Democrats than some might know.

And what of the massive controversy about Debbie Wasserman Schultz and 43 other Dems who exempted Pakastani IT aides from background checks and the many twists and turns of that secretive debacle?

As Democrats are busily trying to change the subject from impeachment to tax cuts and the economy, polls say a plurality of Americans — Democrats, Republicans and independents — believe the economy’s comeback is a credit to Trump, not Obama. But Democrats are so adamantly against cutting taxes that not only did zero Democrats vote in favor of tax cuts, they have just announced plans to hike taxes as part of their overall outreach this year.

This year, 2018, is the Republicans’ to lose. If they can’t capitalize on the fracturing and crazy leftism of the Democrat party, it will merely magnify their own incompetence.

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