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Bongino: President Trump should ‘get involved’ in Chicago gang crisis

Conservative Review

On Fox & Friends on Monday, “The Dan Bongino Show” podcast host Dan Bongino responded to the Chicago shooting Saturday night, in which at least 40 individuals were shot and four killed by gang members.

Bongino called out Chicago, a sanctuary city whose mayor has declared it a “Trump free zone” and which continues to “target illegal guns,” for its dangerous policies.

“In Chicago, it’s time to let the cops be cops; those people there deserve better. These are American citizens living in a place with zero opportunity, where you could walk out of your house and be killed,” Bongino said.

Bongino pointed to the tragedy of 17-year-old Jahnae Patterson, shot in the face in Saturday’s fight.

“That 17-year-old girl deserved a shot at life. This is a stain on our country, and you know what? I encourage the president to get involved … let’s clean those streets up for them, if Chicago is not willing to do it themselves,” he said.

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