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These brave Iranian women are protesting the compulsory hijab

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Several Iranian women have taken to the streets to declare solidarity against the country’s oppressive theocracy. In what appears to be a grassroots effort to defy the Islamic regime, at least half a dozen Iranian women emerged in public to protest compulsory hijab laws.

Protesting the compulsory hijab is seen as an incredible act of bravery, given that their open acts of defiance could result in jail time and violent reprisals.

The first viral “hijab protester” was a 31-year-old mother whose name has not been confirmed. She is credited with helping to spark further protests throughout the nation. She was reportedly arrested in late December, after a video surfaced of the woman protesting compulsory veiling and waving her white hijab in the streets of Tehran.

Now, a second hijab protester has reportedly been arrested for similar deeds, according to reports from international media.

The “hijab protest” is happening parallel to several protest movements throughout Iran. Thousands have marched in the streets over the past month to protest the Iranian regime’s Islamic totalitarianism, a struggling economy, and the restrictions the regime imposes on average citizens.

Since 1979, the Islamic Republic of Iran has ruled over its people with an iron fist. The mullahs have long attempted to chip away at Iran’s Persian heritage and replace it with a fundamentalist Islamic culture. The once secular, liberal nation has now for decades been an Islamic theocracy that abuses the human rights of its citizens. As these protests show, many Iranians still long for the day that they can live under a government that respects individual rights and basic human freedoms.

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