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Chip Roy: Trump must 'stick with a plan the American people want, which is a secure border'

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On Tuesday, House Freedom Caucus member Chip Roy, R-Texas, appeared on CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time" with host Andrew Cuomo to discuss the border negotiations in Congress.

Roy objected to the reported agreement between Republicans and Democrats in Congress to give the Trump administration $1.375 billion for physical barriers and 55 miles of new fencing, saying it is not enough.

"I think the president needs to stick needs to stick with a plan that the American people want, which is a secure border," Roy told Cuomo.

"We found 54 people in a stash house in Houston, Texas, who were being held [for] ransom by the cartels that have operational control of our border and that are dictating to the United States the terms of what our security and our border looks like," he said.

Roy argued in favor of more funding for physical barriers on the border.

"If you look at the Rio Grande Valley sector alone, on the eastern section by the gulf of Mexico, you've got about 35 miles of fencing and significant infrastructure. On the western side, by McAllen, you've got very little infrastructure. Ninety-four percent of the traffic comes up the western side," Roy said.

Cuomo and Roy both agreed that physical barriers are necessary to secure the border, but got into a debate on the priority of a wall. Cuomo's position is that President Trump is wrong to prioritize the wall when changing immigration laws and giving Border Patrol additional resources are more important to law enforcement agencies. Roy said a physical barrier must be "one piece of the entire solution."

"Here's the reason the American people want a physical barrier: It's evidence that there's something happening at the border rather than more talk. We've had talk for 15 years and now people are dying," Roy continued.

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