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CNBC poll says not to expect that big blue wave

Conservative Review

Blue wave? Not this year, says a new survey from CNBC that has experts saying the booming economy  is working to save congressional Republicans from a rout.

The national poll of 800 Americans found Democrats holding a six-point generic ballot advantage over Republicans, 42-36 percent. This is not the blue wave Democrats were expecting.

"A six point differential is not something that's going to cause a big electoral wave," said pollster Micah Roberts. "Economic confidence that people have among a lot of groups is providing a buffer" for the GOP.

The poll also found that 48 percent of respondents were optimistic about the economy, "the highest level in the poll's 11-year history and more than double the 20 percent registered in the December 2016 survey."

A six-point generic ballot advantage is still pretty good for Democrats looking to take control of the House of Representatives. But here's where things get interesting. An ABC poll that zoomed in on 66 battleground districts that will decide who controls the House found that Republicans lead by just one point.

So not only is the "blue wave" not living up to Democrat expectations, but it's possible, not likely but possible, the Republicans will hang on to their House majority if they sweep the battlegrounds.

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