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Congress’ cure for sexual harassment crisis: Sensitivity training

Conservative Review

If a member of Congress preys on women, settles the case privately with taxpayer funds, but then passes a sensitivity course, does the problem go away? Evidently so, according to the leaders of the ruling oligarch.  

The House plans to pass a resolution on Wednesday requiring all members of Congress and their staffs to undergo training in anti-discrimination and anti-sexual harassment education. The resolution is sponsored by Rep. Barbara Comstock, D-Calif., a member of the House Administration Committee who has close ties to leadership. The Senate passed a similar resolution before Thanksgiving break.

Any thinking person should immediately be wondering what would be on the syllabus for such training. After all, isn’t it quite simple? “Keep your hands the heck off of people”? LevinTV host Mark Levin summed up the training in one sentence:

So what will be on the curriculum? Will it be loaded up with the left-wing agenda on the sexual identity movement? There is now an entire litany of sexual identities being promoted by the PC police: 

Or perhaps the training will include advice similar to what French President Emmanuel Macron is promoting about “gender-based insults.”

Like every liberal response to a problem, they will focus on everything extraneous — or even counterintuitive — to the subject at hand while ignoring the perpetrators.

Here’s a novel idea: How about passing a resolution censuring those who’ve already been proven to have engaged in sexual harassment? How about calling on Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., to resign? Yet ... sensitivity training! Perhaps we should get Bill Clinton to deliver the training. After all, harboring these offenders while concocting ridiculous training is no better.

It’s about as absurd as harboring Franken but then directing the Ethics Committee to investigate his … umm … behavior. Some of the very sponsors of this legislation are the same individuals who have made peace with Franken because of his amazing apology.

And what about the non-disclosure agreements and taxpayer-funded slush fund for the known offenders? Why not target the actual known behavior and perpetrators? 

It has recently come to light that a slush fund of untold millions of dollars has been used to pay “hush money” to victims of sexual harassment at the Capitol. These funds have never been appropriated. Congress can void out these agreements and force disclosure of those involved if the victims are willing to come forward.

Why is leadership not working with Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., who is crafting such legislation? No thanks to leadership or any of the sanctimonious Democrats, DeSantis is working on legislation “to unseal the settlement records, bar the use of tax dollars to pay harassment claims against members and staff, prohibit members from using their office budgets to camouflage settlement payments, and require reimbursement of the taxpayer by members and staff who have had settlements paid due to their misconduct.”  

Rep. DeSantis told CR that he feels Congress must do more to address the root of the sexual harassment epidemic and that members are focusing on the wrong issue. “The issue at hand is not rooted in a lack of education about abuse and harassment,” said the Florida conservative in a statement to CR. “The issue is that a number of elected officials have abused their public trust and have used unappropriated taxpayer funds to cover up their misdeeds.

“No amount of training seminars will rectify that behavior or prevent malfeasance in the future so long as the taxpayers secretly underwrite this misconduct,” said DeSantis. “The real solution is to come clean with the public and disclose the details of the hush fund, expose the perpetrators, and permanently abolish the slush fund that incentivizes this bad behavior.”

The congressman further noted that the focus on sexual harassment training is an easy way to distract from making the right choices: “We can’t let politicians obfuscate the core problem and the only effective solutions to restore public trust and protect future victims.” 

If nothing else, the response from the political class on the slew of sexual harassment claims is a superb example of how it operates.

Much like with its response to a growing crime wave where it seeks to lock up the guns and let out the criminals, the political class is harboring the perpetrators and its security blankets while painting everyone as a suspect and wasting people’s  time with dubious seminars.     

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