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Constitutional scholar tells Levin: Mueller report contains 'a fundamental altering of our very basic conceptions of justice'

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On Sunday night's episode of "Life, Liberty & Levin," constitutional scholar and Chapman University law professor John Eastman told LevinTV host Mark Levin how special counsel Robert Mueller's report turns the idea of justice upside down. Eastman was the author of legal analysis that challenged the idea of automatic birthright citizenship under the Constitution that became a point of controversy during the Trump presidential campaign.

Eastman agreed with Levin that the second part of the Mueller report dealing with obstruction of justice issues is a "bunch of crap." He went on to explain how the report even got the presumption of innocence wrong in dealing with the president.

"[Mueller] said 'I couldn't find enough evidence to exonerate President Trump from the obstruction of justice allegations,'" Eastman pointed out. "That's not his job as a prosecutor. The only job is to decide whether there's enough evidence to bring an indictment with a likelihood of conviction beyond a reasonable doubt."

"We presume innocence unless we can prove otherwise," Eastman continued. "His report presumes guilt unless Trump can prove otherwise, and it is a fundamental altering of our very basic conceptions of justice."

Levin and Eastman discussed the various elements that must be present to meet the minimum standard for a federal obstruction of justice charge and how that standard wasn't remotely met by Mueller's team. Later in the interview, Eastman also explained how Democrats' rhetoric is undermining the principles behind the American Founding.

A video of the interview can be viewed here:

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