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Creepy Clintons: The sexist, anti-woman history of Hillary & Bill

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Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has ramped up promotion for her new post-mortem book “What Happened” and released clips of the audiobook. She talks about a moment in the second debate when Donald Trump stood directly behind her and made her “skin craw[l].” She ultimately chose to keep her cool, but initially asked herself, “Do you turn, look him in the eye and say loudly and clearly, ‘Back up, you creep. Get away from me.”   

First of all, nothing will ruin your road trip faster than a Hillary Clinton audiobook.

Second of all, what’s she trying to imply? That Donald Trump was coming onto her because she’s such a hot babe? Doubtful.

And third of all, it’s rich for her to call the president a creep, considering she’s married to one of the biggest creeps of them all.

We all know what Bill Clinton did with intern Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office. But several women have since come forward and said they were sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton. Did Hillary Clinton defend and stand by them? No, she tried to shut them up.

Juanita Broaddrick, a volunteer for Clinton’s 1978 gubernatorial campaign, says she was “viciously raped” by Bill Clinton in a Little Rock hotel. After she came forth with the accusations, she says Hillary Clinton “personally threatened” her.

Broaddrick isn’t the only one who’s made such accusations. Kathleen Willey, a former White House volunteer aide, also claims to be sexually assaulted by the former president. Willey told Fox News that Hillary “is covering for him” and that “no champion of women attacks the victims of sexual assaults in rape.”


Bill Clinton denies the allegations, and we only have he-said, she-said accounts of these incidents. But according to an account from Lewinsky in the independent counsel’s report on this, Bill said that “he would never approach such a small-breasted woman like Ms. Willey.”

(In other words, perhaps he would have raped her if her boobs were just a little bigger. Stay classy, Bill.)

Here’s one incident there is definitive proof of: The Washington Free Beacon broke that Hillary Clinton once defended Thomas Alfred Taylor, a 41-year-old who was accused of raping 12-year-old Kathy Shelton. And there is the audio to prove it. Hillary suggests that she knew Taylor was guilty and you can hear her laughing about the shortcomings of the lie-detector test she used to successfully reduce Taylor’s punishment.

Despite all this, she tries to play the innocent victim card in her memoir.

But it would appear Hillary Clinton has been on the wrong side of women and justice time and time again, in order to advance her own political career.

If you ask me … that’s a lot worse than standing behind someone in a debate.

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