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Dem Sen. Heidi Heitkamp steps in it with new sexual assault ad, apologizes to women named without permission

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The campaign of Sen. Heidi Heikamp, D-N.D., is apologizing to women named without their permission in a political ad about sexual assault and is even admitting to misidentifying one as a survivor.

A story first reported by Rob Port over at details how multiple women came forward to take issue with a recent newspaper ad taken out by the Heitkamp campaign for identifying them as sexual assault survivors without their permission.

Heitkamp’s campaign responded to the complaints with a public apology and an announcement of a retraction.

The ad was in the form of an open letter to Heitkamp’s Republican opponent, Rep. Kevin Cramer, and was written in response to what Heitkamp called “dismissive comments toward sexual assault survivors.” It included the names of many “survivors,” but several women have said their names were used without their permission.

You can view the full letter here.

You may remember Rob Port from his Bulldog Award from “Michelle Malkin Investigates,” or his previous coverage of Heitkamp’s campaign.

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