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Do you see the light?

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Oh the humanity! How will we look our children in the eye one day and tell them what we have wrought?

There the nation’s newly aggrieved were, furloughed federal workers huddled against Washington D.C.’s bitter cold, receiving desperately needed nourishment from loving area souls who could no longer stand to watch the injustice playing out before them.

Not-so-dire stories of bills to pay and mouths to feed. NBC captured it all, refusing to let the world turn away from such a plight. Look! Look, I tell you!

Meanwhile, President Warbucks Trump was raining down unending bounties of Big Macs for his special friends from Clemson. But alas, there really are no national champions here. Only sadness.

Honest Abe Lincoln’s visage hovered over Trump’s great train of abuses, which he glibly tried to paper over with calls of “many, many French fries.” Will you be so easily bought? Oh, Great Emancipator, when will we be rescued from these dark times?!

But what is that I see in the distance? A hero, perhaps? One who understands the sort of man who is needed to bring peace and justice back to us all?

Behold the man.

He and his friends in the Democrat Party bring to you glad tidings of great joy! For example, the Federalist is reporting that “corporate quotas will be a high priority for House Financial Services Committee Chair Maxine Waters and her colleagues. They want to increase the number of women and minorities in America’s top boardrooms, set up subcommittees on corporate diversity and inclusion, and introduce legislation to force public disclosure of the sex and racial makeup of company boards.”

Hosanna in the highest! Can you see the light at the end of the federal worker breadlines? A time when every non-gender-conforming hair on your head will be counted, weighed, measured and found wanting if it doesn’t goose-step with the almighty woke. You know, like the Oscars, but all the time.

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