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Doctors repeatedly asked if she wanted an abortion. She ignored them and gave birth to a health baby boy

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In Scotland, a young pregnant mother was repeatedly advised to abort her baby over medical concerns. Her son was just born a few weeks ago.

A report at The Scotsman tells the  story of 21-year-old Lauren Webster and her newborn baby boy, Ollie, who was born weighing 5 lbs 14 oz on May 23.

Webster, the story explains, had previously gone through two miscarriages, and scans revealed a bladder blockage; she was "asked by medics repeatedly" if she wanted to abort her unborn child.

After seeing some problems on her 13-week scan, a doctor at the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital in Glasgow first asked if Webster wanted an abortion, citing a low chance of the child's survival. When she declined, doctors agreed to monitor the pregnancy via weekly scans.

"Every week she was asking me if I wanted to terminate," Webster recalled. "She said she had to ask me."

Webster remembers that that "was around Christmas time and I was feeling very down" as a result.

"I said to her 'don't ask me that again because I'm keeping it,'" Webster added. "By 18 weeks she had noticed that the bladder had repaired itself."

Additionally, doctors were also worried about the possibility that Ollie might have Edwards syndrome, also known as Trisomy 18, a rare genetic condition with a very short life expectancy.

"She asked me again if I wanted to terminate, saying he wouldn't survive beyond four if it was Edwards syndrome," Webster recalled.

Despite the warnings that her child might not survive, Webster told the Scottish outlet that she had a "gut feeling" that the baby would make it. Later, she said, she left the doctors "gobsmacked" when Ollie came into the world just fine, aside from showing up a few weeks early. According to the story, the bladder issue fixed itself and specialists ruled out another "serious condition" Ollie was initially thought to have.

"When I found out I was pregnant, I was very scared because of what had happened before ... But I just had a gut feeling that this was my time," Webster said.  "Everything they told me turned out not to have happened."

Now, despite all of the worry, Webster says, baby Ollie "sleeps good and is feeding well."

The new mom also has some advice for anyone else facing a challenging or devastating diagnosis: Don't give up on life.

"If someone else was to go through that experience," Webster said, "I wouldn't want them to terminate because you don't know what's going to happen."

"I just think everyone should read my story and never give up hope," Webster added.

A sad story from Ireland underlines the point. Following legalization of abortion in Ireland, a couple opted for an abortion after getting a diagnosis of a fetal abnormality. A later test, however, would show that no abnormality was present, meaning that the couple had aborted a healthy child for no reason.

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