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The Dosser: Will the Mueller probe end with a whimper?

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Foreign espionage? Tesla accuses former employee of stealing autopilot tech

Tesla made waves with an eye-opening lawsuit Friday accusing a former employee of stealing the company’s intellectual property and transferring the information to a rival Chinese company.

CNN reports: 

The electric car maker filed a lawsuit in the United States on Thursday, alleging that engineer Guangzhi Cao stole key details from Tesla's self-driving car project and took them to Xiaopeng Motors, a Chinese electric vehicle startup. Elon Musk's company is seeking damages and to stop Cao from using the information.

Tesla (TSLA) says Cao uploaded complete copies of the company's self-driving source code to his personal Apple (AAPL) iCloud account. He took more than 300,000 files and directories, according to a complaint filed in US District Court in California.

Intellectual property (IP) concerns have become a major issue in the ongoing trade dispute between the U.S. and China, which the Trump administration is attempting to hold accountable for state-sanctioned IP theft. There are countless examples of Chinese government employees or Chinese businesses stealing U.S. technology for the benefit of Beijing. 

According to the Harvard Business Review, IP accounts for 80 percent of the average value of S&P 500 companies. One in five American companies have accused China of stealing their IP, which major U.S. companies devote millions and sometimes billions of dollars in research to obtain.

Trump administration prepares to make Israeli Golan Heights support official

Yesterday, President Trump announced via Twitter that it is time for the United States to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the areas it controls in the Golan Heights, territory Israel secured while defending itself in a 1967 war.

On Friday afternoon, Reuters reported that President Trump will sign a document next week (when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu comes to Washington) officially recognizing Israel’s control over the tactically vital Golan Heights. 

Report: Mueller special counsel will not pursue any more indictments 

Robert Mueller’s special counsel probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election appears to be going out with a whimper.

ABC News reports that “no more indictments are expected as a result of the probe,” meaning that the failed hunt for Trump-Russia collusion appears to have come to an end. In the eyes of many Democrats and NeverTrump pundits, the Mueller investigation served to delegitimize the president’s mandate for office. But now, after two years of hunting for collusion, Mueller has come up entirely empty on linking President Trump to Kremlin interference efforts. 

In the end, Trump-Russia was a giant hoax that much of the legacy media happily promulgated as part of a nonstop campaign to undermine and eventually remove the sitting president.

Trump admin hits Iran with new round of nuke & missile sanctions

The Trump administration announced Friday that the Treasury Department will impose new sanctions on more than two dozen individuals who are involved in the research and development of nuclear materials and advanced missiles.

“Individuals working for Iran’s proliferation-related programs—including scientists, procurement agents, and technical experts—should be aware of the reputational and financial risk they expose themselves to by working for Iran’s nuclear program,” the State Department said.

VP Pence: Venezuelan dictator Maduro must go

Vice President Mike Pence published an op-ed in the Miami Herald Friday, demanding that Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro leave his position of power.

“Nicolas Maduro must go,” Pence wrote in conclusion. “Under President Trump, the United States will continue to stand with the people of Venezuela as they reclaim their birthright of libertad.”

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