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Firing squads

Conservative Review

Rosanne Barr was fired for a nasty and offensive tweet. Fine.

Just like the cartoonists who lampooned Condoleezza Rice were fired for their racist caricatures of her when she worked in George W Bush’s administration.

Just like Keith Olbermann was forced to do little more than blog from his basement in his pajamas after calling President Trump a “racist Nazi f*ck.”

Just like Michael Bennett was suspended by the Seattle Seahawks and the NFL for making up a story about police brutality and then later assaulting a 66-year-old woman.

Just like Michelle Wolf will never work again in anything but a fifth-rate night club after she called Sarah Sanders a liar at the White House correspondents’ dinner.

Just like Joy Reid had her show ripped away from her by MSNBC for a lengthy history of tweets bashing homosexuals.

Just like Brian Williams isn’t back offering political news coverage and analysis for the same news organization that once suspended him for lying about his reporting exploits for years.

Just like students at college campuses across the country were expelled for their infringements on free speech and, in some cases, destruction of property as they protested Donald Trump or Ben Shapiro.

Just like Nancy Pelosi was removed from her position as House minority leader for defending the raping, torturing, murdering MS-13 gang as being made up of people who have “the spark of divinity” in them.

Just like Hollywood director Joss Whedon wasn’t allowed to direct “Justice League” because he said he wanted “a rhino to f*ck (Speaker Paul Ryan) to death with its horn because it’s funny.”

Just like no one in the press described terrorists as “unarmed protestors” when the Trump administration went all unhinged and – gasp -- changed the address of its embassy in Israel.

Except none of that really happened. And neither will Samantha Bee be fired for following up Rosanne’s ugliness with some terribleness of her own, directed at Ivanka Trump. She called the first daughter a "feckless c*nt" and then apologized for it, which we must accept but we don't have to automatically believe, considering this was a scripted rant, not some heat-of-the-moment acting out on Twitter.

But the double standards are real, and they are spectacular. Which is one of the main reasons why a narcissist who can demagogue with the best of them was elected president, by millions of Americans tired of "tolerance for me but not for thee." Several on the Left promised us after his election they would strive to learn from what happened. They would strive to do better to listen to contrarian views and the concerns of everyday Americans.

They lied.

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