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GOP-funded Planned Parenthood launches anti-Kavanaugh campaign

Conservative Review

Planned Parenthood, the left-wing baby-murdering organization currently subsidized by taxpayer dollars courtesy of the spineless Republican majority in Congress, will launch a new campaign to oppose President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court Wednesday.

The Daily Beast's Gideon Resnick reports that Planned Parenthood Action fund, the National Women's Law Center, Center for American Progress, and other groups will launch a #DearSenators campaign featuring stories from women talking about their abortions and why they support Roe v. Wade and oppose Brett Kavanaugh. The fear is that Kavanaugh's Senate confirmation could overturn the landmark decision that legalized baby-killing nationwide.

The first ad in the new campaign features a woman discussing her illegal abortion in the era before Roe.

“While politicians like Sen. McConnell and President Trump may see this as a political game, for millions of Americans, the fight over Kavanaugh is personal,” managing director of Planned Parenthood Action Fund Carmen Berkley said. “The constitutional right to have an abortion is at stake. Our ability to get health care and to live free of discrimination is at stake.”

Congratulations, congressional Republicans. Planned Parenthood is using the money freed up by taxpayer subsidies to sink Trump's SCOTUS nominee.

As if supporting baby murder with taxpayer funds wasn't enough of a reason, now will the Republican majority defund Planned Parenthood in the September appropriations bills?

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