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Help us, Team Trump — you’re our only hope

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Only Trump Cult can save us now.

I understand that I have used that label as a pejorative in the past, and I have meant it. I won’t rehash all of reasons here, but mentioning that now only underscores my sincerity on this point.

If you need me to call Trump Cult something else so that I can be heard with different ears, fine. Trump fans. Team Trump. Trump Spirit Squad. Whatever … I’ll gladly do it. I come on bended knee to ask for you to help Trump do what no one else, including his family and his enemies – real or imagined – has been able to.


This country needs the people who delivered him to Washington, D.C., to rescue him from himself. For this can’t be what you wanted when you sent him there. It simply can’t.

The Kardashians called and said this Russia stuff is all getting a bit tawdry for their taste. Fredo Corleone called and said Don Jr. looks like a kindred spirit.

You, Trump’s most devoted supporters, promised that he would fight. Well, it’s time that you make him. Because our country, and a presidency that doesn’t end in an impeachment, likely depends on it.

And that doesn’t mean tweet-storming yet more tiresome “Better than Hillary” rationalizations about how no matter what Trump does, he is a glass half full — like when they bring up stuff dead (Ted) Kennedy did vis-à-vis the Russians back when Bruce Jenner was still on a Wheaties box. That was 1984, dude, which won’t remotely help you avoid a butt-stomping in 2018.

But keeping a promise like repealing Obamacare will. Yet Trump is not appearing publicly to crack the whip on a narrative that would be certain to change his political fortunes bigly. Where are the rallies, speeches, etc. using the power of the White House and “bully pulpit” to push congressional Republicans to keep their own promise to repeal Obamacare?

Obama went nationwide for months to promote his sweeping namesake usurpation of not only health care but taxation, business autonomy, Planned Parenthood funding, the definition of marriage, religious freedom and the overall vitality of the First Amendment. You know, little things like that.

Can we at least get a few days of rallies to repeal something that only 11 percent of Americans want to keep? Hopefully the reason we aren’t is because the Trump White House is doing some serious soul-searching. About strategy. About messaging. About no longer wanting to simply call it a win if they defeat CNN in the daily social media battle of Wile E. Coyote vs. Wile E. Coyote.

Because even though Trump got the best of CNN’s act last week, it was the The New York Times that quickly turned the tide this week and got the best of Donald Jr. They baited him about Russia, he lied about Russia, and now the news cycle will be feverishly dominated by Russia once again.

Unless …

Please, Trump Nation: Stop this madness. Reach out to Trump in whatever manner you see fit and demand that you begin seeing a return on your investment post haste.

You hated it when Obama seemed like he was better friends with the concerns of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro than with those of the average American. So why make excuses for this Russia fixation now?

What about you? What about your hopes and dreams? They have to have been about more than urinating in somebody’s pool and calling it a day — you really wanted something fundamental to change, didn’t you? I thought you wanted to Make America Great Again.

It’s time to put the “Art of the Deal” on steroids and get Obamacare repealed, like, yesterday. Before the Republican Party blows eight years worth of promises and faces the wrath of the American voter as a result. Be the guys and gals behind the guy who goes nuclear on something more profound than Kathy Griffin.

Nothing else matters at this point. The horse has left the barn on Russia. Robert Mueller is going to find what he is going to find. But Bill Clinton overcame his public and private sins by tirelessly going to work for the public in the manner he saw fit.

So must Trump. The swamp not only won’t drain itself, but it will swallow you whole if you promise to drain it and don’t. On that front, it is Trump’s most ardent followers who now have the keys to the kingdom.

It doesn’t matter if I like that — it is true. And I pray they will turn out to be more than the idol worshipers I have suspected many of them to be.

I pray they will be patriots, and I pray they will turn this president away from perpetual self-destruction.

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