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Horowitz: Anarchy mixed with tyranny: Jailbreaker criminal terrorizes woman in her home

Conservative Review

Who could have predicted this?

Utah, like nearly every state with Democrat or liberal Republican leadership, has released some criminals from prison, supposedly under the guise of avoiding spread of the virus in prison. What they are really doing is spreading the disease of crime into our communities.

Joshua Haskell, 42, of American Fork, Utah is someone deemed by the liberal politicians as a “nonviolent, low-level” offender. He was released on March 17 from a halfway house, pursuant to an incomprehensible order to release low-level offenders into the community during the coronavirus epidemic. Just two days later, he was arrested in the home of a woman after he allegedly attacked the homeowner with a knife in her bed.

According to the charging documents, as reported by the Deseret News, the woman awoke to find Haskell standing over her bed. When she screamed, he threatened to cut her with a knife and proceeded to tie her up in bed. He demanded her bank cards and PIN numbers and threatened to come back and kill her if she gave him the wrong information. According to the affidavit, police showed up after her son called 911 with Haskell still in her bedroom. He allegedly crawled into bed with her and told her to tell police he was her lover. She finally managed to make a quick escape downstairs to the officers.

Haskell was charged with aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery, and aggravated kidnapping, among other crimes.

Like all “low-level” offenders, Haskell had a lengthy criminal history, including four drug convictions and parole violations. Police say he had drugs on him at the time of this offense. This is the big lie I’ve long exposed regarding the nature of drug offenders. Yes, there are some drug offenders who might not commit other crimes, but those are usually the ones sent to drug diversion court. If you are serving time for drug offenses nowadays, it means you are a career criminal. With Haskell, the proof is in the pudding. By definition, if someone is in prison or a halfway house, this is not his first time in the system.

Yet these are the sorts of criminals who are being released throughout the country at a time like this! Authorities are not checking their prior criminal records and parole violations. How many more of these people will commit crimes that we will never hear about in the national media, or often even in local media?

Now, many states are closing gun stores, so single women who live at home during this time of great peril and criminal release cannot purchase guns. L.A. police, after being forced to release criminals onto the streets, are now going store to store and shutting down gun dealers.

And they want us to know they mean business. “The time for warning is over,” threatened New Jersey’s Attorney General Gurbir Grewal. “There will be serious legal consequences.”

When have we ever heard these people talk that way about real criminals? In fact, they have been letting them go.

This is rapidly devolving into the worst mix of fascism on the one hand and anarchism on the other hand. Law-abiding citizens are being shut down, but criminals are being released. Don’t tell me that this perverse amalgamation of policy outcomes is somehow all about public safety.

Americans must rise up and demand no new rules against peaceful Americans until the criminals are put back in jail and we are given the right to defend ourselves.

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