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Horowitz: New antibody study is strong evidence that the lockdown strategy is the wrong course

Horowitz: New antibody study is strong evidence that the lockdown strategy is the wrong course

How can you stop the spread of a virus that has already spread to every corner of the country, to some degree, for months? And if it was already this widespread, doesn’t it mean the fatality rate of the virus is much lower than what the media and politicians have been warning about in justification of martial law, jailbreak policies, and a total shutdown of our economy?

The answer to these questions has devastating implications for the lockdown strategy employed by Western governments in combating the spread of COVID-19, as opposed to the balanced approach of most Asian countries. A new Stanford antibody study, as well as information from around the country and the globe, now contradicts the entire premise of our government’s strategy in dealing with the SARS-2 coronavirus.

On Friday, Stanford University’s school of medicine announced the findings of the first publicly released random sample antibody study of an entire county in the United States. Researchers sampled 3,330 Santa Clara County residents of all demographics to see how many had the antibodies of SARS-2 in their blood, which would demonstrate how many have already been exposed to the virus and are immune to it. Using basic serology, the researchers at the nation’s fourth highest-rated medical research school concluded that anywhere from 2.49%-4.16% of the people in this county of 1.9 million already had the antibodies in them.

Why is this such a bombshell? It means that instead of fewer than 2,000 people having the disease, as public tallies based on testing show, the virus has really infected 50 to 85 times more people in Santa Clara County. More importantly, what that means is that the infection fatality rate is equally 50-85 times lower than what the government data suggests. For example, in Santa Clara County, the California Department of Health reports that 70 people have died from the virus and that the fatality rate is 3.8%. But based on the new discoveries by Stanford, that fatality rate plummets to roughly flu-like levels.

"If our estimates of 48,000-81,000 infections represent the cumulative total on April 1, and we project deaths to April 22, we estimate about 100 deaths in the county,” concluded the study. “A hundred deaths out of 48,000-81,000 infections corresponds to an infection fatality rate of 0.12-0.2%."

That is a very different story from the 3-4% figure the global governments and the World Health Organization have been working with.

Obviously, there are hot spots like New York City where the fatality rate is definitely some degree higher, although we don’t know exactly how much higher because the denominator of total cases could be exponentially higher than in any other city. A more densely populated area than Santa Clara County could have a much higher infection rate. For example, another antibody study of Chelsea, Massachusetts, that was just conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital Physicians found virus antibodies in almost one-third of the samples. Chelsea is the second-most densely populated city in the state.

We are seeing this in other countries as well. Researchers at the University Hospital in Bonn tested antibodies in Ganglet, Germany, and found 14% of the residents have already been infected. If that were the average in America, it would mean close to 50 million people have already had the virus, previously chalked up to the winter flu or else completely asymptomatic.

Thus, when the media get apocalyptic upon approaching 1 million confirmed cases in the country, in all likelihood there could already have been tens of millions of cases. This means that it makes no sense to lock down a nation that already has the virus. You can’t stop a spread that has already spread. Moreover, it also means the fatality rate is much lower. Thus, not only is the fatality rate not worth the collateral damage, the strategy of lockdown at this point is actually counterproductive to defeating the virus.

There are few environments that are better controlled for a scientific study than a Navy ship. The Navy recently tested the entire 4,800-member crew of the U.S. aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt and found that 600 individuals, 12.5 percent, tested positive. Roughly 60 percent were asymptomatic! There has been just one fatality so far.

Similar results were found on board France’s Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier. According to the New York Times, of the 2,300 sailors on board, 1,081 tested positive, nearly 550 sailors are symptomatic (51%), 24 are hospitalized, and one is in intensive care.

Another remarkable result comes from a Boston homeless shelter, where 146 of 397 people tested positive and not a single one had any symptoms.

We are starting to see this as a pattern anywhere testing is done universally, not just for those who are seriously ill with obvious signs of coronavirus.

If this is a microcosm of what has gone on elsewhere, then it means we are being lied to by our governments. It also means New York City is either a scientific anomaly or that some of the allegations that the city government is inflating the numbers are true.

Clearly, we need to do more antibody testing. Why is the government not doing this and publicly releasing the information? Why are governments dismissing so many other opinions from prestigious research institutions such as Stanford, Oxford, Yale, Carnegie Mellon, Rockefeller University, and MIT that all question the prudence of lockdown? Why aren’t congressional and state legislative committees holding hearings with competing medical researchers to get to the truth of the matter?

Look at the policy outcomes that result from following Fauci, Birx, and the Imperial College of London, and you will understand why our overlords have made their decision and why their friends in the media are censoring countervailing facts and evidence. They are having the time of their lives with the ultimate pretext to implement 100-year plans overnight without firing a shot. Why would they want to stop the lockdown?

Who then will guard the gates? Before we suspend the Bill of Rights, release dangerous criminals en masse, bankrupt the nation, destroy all small businesses, destroy medical care, and induce depression on the nation, shouldn’t we ask questions when more evidence shows this entire strategy was wrong from the start?

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