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Horowitz: Obsession with the SCOTUS pick is hurting us in more ways than one

Conservative Review

Monday on “The Conservative Conscience,” Conservative Review senior editor Daniel Horowitz explained why the nomination of a Supreme Court justice should never have been such a big issue.

“What would our Founders think of today’s Supreme Court fight? What would they think about the fact that two sides are ripping each other apart over a potential nominee to the Supreme Court?” Horowitz asked.

The appointment of a new Supreme Court justice originally “really wasn’t a big deal,” Horowitz said.


Horowitz pointed out that the Supreme Court justice nomination process is set to dominate the political field for the next several weeks, brushing aside the crucial and hotly disputed budget bill.

“As important as the Supreme Court pick is, there’s something even more important, and that’s the upcoming budget bill. And in the upcoming budget bill, both Congress’ power of the purse and the president’s power to veto, two powers that I would argue are much more important than a Supreme Court pick and any power that that justice has … that’s going to be overshadowed. And the goodwill Trump will get out of picking another Supreme Court justice will allow him to violate his promise of ‘never again,’ to never sign another bad budget bill, and ensure that the spending bonanza continues and that his entire immigration agenda gets shredded,” Horowitz said.

He reminded listeners that even a constitutionalist justice will not make a dramatic difference and is distracting many from more important issues.

“The Supreme Court justice won’t matter, even if they’re good on immigration. The lower courts are hitting us with like a thousand things, and one or two make it to the Supreme Court,” he said.

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