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House Freedom Caucus tries to buy time for Trump, because the border 'deal' is worse than you thought

Conservative Review

The conservative House Freedom Caucus is urging Congress to slam the emergency brake on the bipartisan border security "deal" that no one has read.

The bill text was released Thursday, just one day before Congress needs to vote on it to keep the government from shutting down on Friday. It's over 1,000 pages long, and in the short time it's been publicly available, analysts have found has several provisions that undermine U.S. border security. In response, Freedom Caucus member Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., introduced a short-term continuing resolution to keep the government open while giving members of Congress an extra week to read through the deal.

Several House conservatives have backed Biggs, urging Congress to let lawmakers read the bill before voting.

President Trump and Congress need the extra time to negotiate a better deal. One of the provisions that should signal a five-alarm fire for conservatives is language that gives de facto amnesty to illegal immigrants by forbidding ICE to detain any "sponsor" or "potential sponsor" or "member of a household" of an unaccompanied child migrant, as reported by the Center for Immigration Studies' Jessica Vaughan.

OANN political correspondent Ryan James Girdusky tweeted more highlights of the bill:

So in summary, there's amnesty, catch-and-release is expanded, there's more money for foreign aid than there is for a wall, and the fence funding that is included is severely limited. CR senior editor Daniel Horowitz blasted this deal:

The bottom line is that President Trump cannot sign this deal and expect to secure the border. Some will argue that conservatives can't expect better with Democrats in control of the House, but that's not true. President Trump should announce his intention to veto the deal and side with the Freedom Caucus in pushing for a short-term continuing resolution to keep the government open. Then, if Congress can't come to a better deal, the president can use 10 U.S.C. § Section 284 to instruct the secretary of defense to begin "construction of roads and fences and installation of lighting to block drug smuggling corridors across international boundaries of the United States.”

Trump has options besides this dumpster fire Swamp deal to build the wall and secure the border, and he doesn't need to declare a national emergency to get the job done. Conservatives must demand that Trump veto the border deal.

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