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'Huge deal': Levin discusses news report raising questions about Adam Schiff and the alleged whistleblower

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Tuesday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin discussed a news report that raises even more questions about the House of Representatives' current impeachment efforts against President Donald Trump.

"The greatest threat we face today ... is not from the Russians, although they are a grave threat ... but from the Democrat Party and the media," Levin began. "They have done more to undermine this president and try and thwart his ability to be commander in chief than any foreign power can."

Levin read from a story published earlier that day at the Washington Examiner, which found that a former coworker of the alleged CIA whistleblower was hired to staff the House Intelligence Committee — chaired by Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif. — the day after the July phone call between President Donald Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky.

The story is a "big deal," Levin explained, because it "shows you the conspiracy and the coordination that was taking place" in the lead-up to the Democrats' impeachment probe.

"You can see why Schiff is protecting these individuals," Levin added. "It could be that his staffer — I don't know; I'd like to question him under oath — it could be that his staffer was one of the individuals feeding the so-called whistleblower."

The host went on to say that though the story is a "huge deal," it will "be ignored by the vast majority of television newsrooms, so-called."

Levin said that when the matter goes to the Senate, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell "damn well better get to the bottom of this, or folks in Kentucky, throw his a** out."


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