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Ivanka needs to understand: Planned Parenthood = abortion

Conservative Review

Apparently Ivanka Trump met with the leader of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, in an attempt to push the abortion provider to accept a split in the organization. Ivanka suggested splitting the abortion end with the “other health services” end, to which Planned Parenthood “officials” probably reacted with a chuckle at her naïveté.

It’s okay if Ivanka came off as naïve, in my view; after all, no one really knows how everything works with government funding. Richards, however, knows that Planned Parenthood uses the leverage of treating the very poor with Medicaid reimbursement and that is their “in” to being funded by the government. They say they don’t use federal funds for abortion, but the use of government funds offsets the costs of the entire organization. It is because of taxpayer dollars that they are able to commit a third of the nation’s abortions. They can’t and won’t split up because they are the nation’s largest abortion provider because the government funds them.

If they split, the abortion end would not survive, and the abortion end is exactly what Planned Parenthood is about. They won’t agree to a split; the president and Congress have to force their demise.

Ivanka’s new role as Trump’s closest adviser makes me believe that it is possible that she could and would listen to the pro-life argument in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood. Perhaps if Ivanka could meet with pro-lifers about what is really at stake here, she could see more clearly the evil of Planned Parenthood and understand just what that organization does. She did, after all, see the evil of the Syrian regime.

When Trump decided to bomb Syria over the chemical gas attacks, much of the nation backed him, knowing that the chemical attacks were heinous. The images that we saw were bad enough, but the president had vocally conveyed deep sorrow at the images of little babies in torment and being killed most inhumanely — little, innocent babies. After the bombing, Eric Trump revealed that the president was influenced by his daughter, Ivanka, to bomb Syria after being “heartbroken and outraged” at seeing video of little children in atrocious torment and being hosed off to try to stop their skin from burning.

When we can see the atrocities that people do to one another, why, then, can’t elitists understand that the regular practice of abortion is as torturous and gruesome as the atrocities that the Syrian regime committed against the innocents? Are people mollified by the fact that we can’t see what is happening and therefore, it can’t be heinous, and it can’t actually be happening?

As we saw, in the undercover videos of Planned Parenthood doctors and officials casually speaking about crushing and tearing and harvesting babies in the womb, the torture and cruelty goes on day in and day out in this nation. The videos proved that Planned Parenthood produces and then uses the corpse of the pre-born for profit, joking about getting a Lamborghini for their efforts to harvest the body parts of the unborn.

Perhaps neither Ivanka nor her father have seen the videos; that is possible. But people in positions of power cannot ignore the facts in order to appease elitist sensibilities. Can they not see how cruel and unjust it is for the unborn? Are Americans only supposed to stand up against the abuses against our fellow man that we can see on viral video from some far-off country? Are elitists that shallow, to be swayed by the cockeyed argument that a woman has a right to abort and therefore this organization can do whatever it wishes and the American taxpayer must then pay for these atrocities happening in our own nation?

I understand why Ivanka suggested splitting up Planned Parenthood. If it were split up, the American people might then be able to see that, clearly, none of their taxpayer dollars go toward the successful abortion industry that Planned Parenthood has built. But that idea ignores why pro-lifers insist upon defunding Planned Parenthood entirely. For crying out loud, we were shown exactly what they do there, what it means for humanity, what it means for our children and the rights of the individual, and how it destroys us every day as Americans.

I believe that if Ivanka and her father were shown the videos from the Center for Medical Progress, there would be no chance Planned Parenthood would be funded ever again. I believe that the so-called “centrists” who are pro-choice should be bombarded with those videos and told a thing or two about what the people want done with that organization.

All that pro-lifers are demanding is to defund this organization. Continuing to ignore what they do, how they do it, and what it means for this nation cannot make America great again.

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