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John Solomon tells Mark Levin about the two unidentified men who tipped him on Trump-Russia dossier

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On Sunday night’s episode of Fox News’ Life, Liberty & Levin, LevinTV host Mark Levin spoke with journalists John Solomon and Sara Carter on the Left’s Russia collusion narrative and how it shows that journalism has changed for the worse.

“I think there’s a romanticism in the profession with Watergate. Everyone wants the next Watergate, and they’re trying to aspire to it,” Solomon explained when asked about the legacy media’s handling of the Russia story.

“I grew up in an era where you were told never to fall in love with your story, to always be dispassionate and to just follow the facts wherever they lay,” Solomon continued. “And when we started to follow the facts, they did not add up to the story that the mainstream media and the Obama administration was telling us.”

During the interview, Solomon and Carter discuss explained how journalism has changed in recent years and how the trend of reporters “sitting behind their desks and tweeting” instead of going out and “talking to real America” was how most big media got the 2016 election so wrong.

Solomon also told how he was first tipped off that the American intelligence apparatus was being used for political gain: "I drove home, I got to my mailbox, pulled in my car. There was a blue sedan sitting outside the mailbox, and there were two gentlemen, clearly intelligence officers somewhere from the government; they never identified their names. And they stepped out and they said, 'Are you Mr. Solomon?' I said, 'Yes.' They said, 'We just saw you on Sean Hannity's show. ... We can't tell you much, because most of what we know is classified, but ... if you keep digging, you will find out that the United States intelligence community was used for a political opposition research project. ... We need these tools ... to catch bad guys. And if we misuse it for political dirty tricks, we won't have those tools when the next terrorist attack or the next spy shows up in town. We need you to go find out what happened.'"


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