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A man recently said he likes to go to the public library dressed as a drag queen and read stories to small children because he wants to “groom the next generation.” Oh, and if you disagree that that’s okay, you are “disgusting.”

Well, when you put it that way, it sounds totally legit. Nothing creepy or wicked about that at all.

This isn’t a new phenomenon, though. Before terrible transgender library guy, there was the Des Moines Register.

The failing newspaper also laid it on pretty thick this month with what it calls an “investigation” into 4-H because the youth outreach organization, which is popular in rural and agriculture-based states like Iowa, refused to “woke” up and smell the propaganda.

Instead, sanity prevailed and Iowa’s 4-H director was fired for not understanding or caring that none of the Hs in 4-H stand for making kids obsess about the “deeply held sense of who one is that may differ from the sex organs with which one is born.”

Go start your own club for that. We are going to make some quilts over here and call it a day, OK?

But I guess there aren’t many editors at the Register any more who are paid to look into those pesky details. They prefer screaming “firestorm!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

That’s the word used by the Register to describe what is really nothing more than getting rid of a guy who willfully ignored a directive to stay in his lane from the federal government department in charge of overseeing and managing 4-H.

Basically, he was hired to do oil changes but continued to insist on repainting the cars as well, according to the official statement about why he was canned: He had a "tendency to focus on individual tactical projects while neglecting the overall strategic direction of the Iowa 4-H program; concerns raised by peers, employees and partners about his management style; and a pattern of poor decision-making and judgment."

So he wasn’t a victim at all. In fact, he was a perp. He was trolling the very organization he was supposed to be guiding.

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