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Know your enemy — your real one

Conservative Review

Before they shoot up churches or assault you in your home as they did Rand Paul, the ugly trolls of the Left (apologies for the redundancy) are making it it abundantly clear to anyone who is honest that violence and chaos are the logical conclusions of their worldview.

Take Pastor Carl Lentz, who answered a question about the sinfulness of child murder in front of millions on national television by shrugging his shoulders and explaining that people have to “live to their own convictions.”

Isn't that exactly what Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey were doing? If Lentz were asked about child molestation, would his answer have been “live to your own convictions?” All rotting in hell for all of eternity as we speak have one thing in common: they lived according to their own convictions.

Or how about the New Jersey school board member who posted an article on his personal blog informing teachers how to opt out of the teachers’ union? The very next day he was met with 10 flat tires on his vehicles.

I’ll take “How are the mob and progressive educrats similar” for $500, Alex.

Then there’s the woman who was recently fired from her job as a federal contractor after a photo of her riding her bike and flipping off President Trump’s motorcade went viral.

Yet she thinks she’s the one who has been wronged. Grown-ups simply need not apply in her world. She’s got the conch, and everything is Lord of the Flies.

Oh, and don’t forget that those ridiculing “thoughts and prayers” for the deceased in Texas want the same government that left the illegal-gun-buying, mental-health-institute-escaping murderer slip under its bureaucratic radar to play an ever-increasing role as judge and jury in your life.

This has all been reported in just the last week, folks. Because progressivism.

So where does that leave the rest of us in terms of preparing for what is next? For this isn’t just a bad week, unless it’s just a crazy coincidence that this is like the 666th bad week our nation is having in a row.

No, we are on a crash course with one of civilization’s oldest enemies: The destruction of the transcendentally good by the idols of the age. Which means, based on the above examples, you aren’t paranoid to wonder if you are next on the hit list.

Violence and chaos have plagued every philosophical movement throughout the ages, including the Christian ones. That is testimony of the darkness’s power and persistence. For if it can even infect people and places that claim the help and power of the Holy Spirit, what do you think the likely outcome will be when that personage of the Trinity is blasphemed on a regular basis?

A worldview based in juvenile emotion and frantically false premises will not only succumb to violence and chaos in such a case, but it will anoint them as logical conclusions. After all, we are talking about Darwinists here. This is survival of the fittest, but one that has cast aside blind chance in favor of pagan thumbs on the scales. So there is a demand for compliance in the name of the right side of history without any obligation to win such an argument democratically.

The Antifa violence at specific gatherings like campus protests is just the tip of the iceberg. The cultish Left will increasingly enforce its whims with violence. America will become an all-encompassing cultural battlefield. It’s just a matter of whether it’s hot war or a cold one, and not even the public restrooms will be exempt.

For if you believe in Judeo-Christian morality, the Constitution’s actual wording, and limited government, you are a bigot and beneath contempt. Unworthy of any polite accommodation, or even oxygen.

And this will be our challenge: not to trade hate for hate. Hate never beats hate, but only breeds more hatred, leading to mutually assured destruction. The bravest man who ever lived loved those who hated him enough to give his life for them.

That doesn’t mean we don’t fight. I’ve spent the last decade of my life equipping and encouraging conservatives to fight. But we must fight back in a way that elevates our values, not besmirches them. So use all your God-given freedoms to defend your liberty, yes, unless the price of “winning” is to do things that put us in bondage to the very same evil on the march in our culture at the moment.

See, the mistake we humans often make with the Devil is when we think he’s chosen one of our sides. The Devil only has his side. And he hates all of us, whether we’re faithfully walking with God or not. Anything that causes the destruction of that which God made for His glory makes the evil one smile. And he’s just as satisfied by driving a wedge between those estranged from their Creator as he is taking down those currently committed to Him. The Devil is an agent of chaos. All he wants is a high body count, and he doesn’t much care which bodies he’s counting as long as they’re wasted ones.

I know this sounds counterintuitive. But so does forgive your enemies, die to live, and pick up your cross and follow, too. And those were the teachings of the wisest man who ever lived. We would be wise as well to follow his lead.

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