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Levin: 'Adam Schiff knows exactly who this whistleblower is'

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Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin told listeners exactly what happened during the hearing Thursday with Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire regarding the whistleblower's complaint against President Trump.

"Adam Schiff and his staff and other Democrats are orchestrating this entire thing," Levin said. "I'll call [it] the 'Leak and Coup Campaign.' In coordination with the New York Times and the other media outlets — NBC and so forth. Now we know from the New York Times that a CIA operative is the whistleblower. Now what's amazing: We had a hearing today, right? Where was the whistleblower?

"We're having a hearing today on what the whistleblower is said to have written, but we don't have the main witness, so the witness can be scrutinized, and questioned, and cross-examined. Instead, we have Adam Schiff, and the other Schiff-less crowd on the committee, telling we the people how tremendous this whistleblower is! How 'brave' and 'courageous' this whistleblower is! Well who the hell is he or she? How do you know? How he's 'patriotic' or she's 'patriotic!' 'Noble!' 'Righteous!'  'Outstanding!'"


Levin connects Schiff to the whistleblower:

"Adam Schiff knows exactly who this whistleblower is, and so does his staff," Levin continued. "Because he's been working with the whistleblower and his lawyer, that's how. ... If you look at the date of the letter that was sent to Richard Burr and Adam Schiff, it's dated August 12, 2019. August 12, 2019. And that's several weeks ago. You'll also notice as Sean Davis, the founder of The Federalist, points out, that many of the news articles cited by the CIA operative — the so-called whistleblower who has firsthand knowledge of nothing — are news articles that were cited by Adam Schiff. And so, as he points out, and he's right, when you look at the phony Russia collusion issue and the FISA matters, the leaks came out of the FBI, and the FBI cited the articles that they were responsible for. Adam Schiff is doing exactly the same thing. Adam Schiff should release his phone records. His staff should release their phone records. I'm accusing them of leaking. Now prove me wrong."

Levin also pointed out that the CIA operative had no role in monitoring the president's phone call, he merely heard there was some concern and began conducting his own investigation. Also, the complaint looks like it's written by a lawyer, with footnotes, caveats, and appendixes, Levin said.

"There was no intelligence violation here," Levin said. "There was no threat to American national security here, despite the self-serving comments of this rogue CIA operative, who had no authority to monitor the phone calls but goes through the back door. The way this presented itself in the media, the way Schiff has been conducting himself throughout and during the course of this hearing, the way this document is written, the fact that a Schumer-Clinton former staffer is his lawyer, the fact that Schumer went to the floor of the Senate the other day, demanding that this complaint be provided to the United States Senate. It's all just a little too cozy. And you heard it here first. ... This is what's going on behind the scenes. If I'm wrong, then Mr. Schiff shouldn't worry about, as the liberals like to say, releasing his phone records for the last 90 days."

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