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Levin backs Sessions, calls out ‘rogue state’ California liberals’ immigration hypocrisy

Conservative Review

LevinTV host Mark Levin called out open-borders liberals, particularly in California – which he called a “rogue state” – over their hypocrisy regarding immigration and the Constitution.

On his national radio show Wednesday night, Levin referred to California Democrats’ defiance of the Department of Justice’s immigration enforcement efforts, which Attorney General Jeff Sessions panned as a “radical, open borders agenda.” Sessions added that there “will be no secession.”

Open-borders politicians have defended their defiance of the federal government’s constitutionally-defined power over immigration policy under the guise of states’ rights, Levin noted. He then pointed out how this is yet another area where the Left uses the Constitution out of sheer convenience.

“They always wrap themselves in the Constitution,” Levin remarked. “They wrap themselves in the language of the Constitution one day, and the next day they wrap themselves in language that’s not in the Constitution, but they say it should be in the Constitution under their living and breathing theory of the Constitution.”

“In other words, these people are power hungry and the ends justify the means,” Levin added.

To illustrate the level of hypocrisy in the argument, Levin recalled the fight over an immigration enforcement measure that the state of Arizona passed years ago that open-borders advocates fought tooth and nail, taking the law all the way to the Supreme Court, where it was substantially gutted.

The true irony of the contrast, Levin pointed out, was that the Arizona law was passed in order to better enforce federal immigration law, while California Democrats’ actions have been in brazen defiance of those statutes.


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