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Levin: 'Congress isn't the IRS! They don't get to dig into people's tax returns'

Conservative Review

Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin ripped representative Elijah Cummings, D-Md., chairman of the Oversight and Reform Committees in the House of Representatives, for his outlandish request for President Donald Trump's tax forms and financial records from the past 10 years.

"So who does he write, the president of the United States? No, he writes his accounting firm. Can you imagine? ... This is a fascist mentality. You have to file your taxes, or you're going to prison. Form after form. If you've got a lot of money and you have a complex business situation, you have to hire accountants. They put it together for you, and you sign it. So the government gets this information. If you don't give them the information and the money — that is, the shakedown — then you're going to prison. Now, if you give them the information, and members of Congress want to see the information, they can subpoena the records from your accountant. And how do the media report this? 'Congress demands Trump's tax records.' Not as a civil liberties violation, which has been going on and on and on the last two and a half years. No. It's 'Congress wanting to do an inquiry into the president's financial situation.'"


"Congress isn't the IRS! They don't get to dig into people's tax returns! Those tax returns are filed under secrecy and confidentiality. So they create this pretext."

Levin read portions of the letter requesting the records and responded with a suggestion for the Republicans in the House and the Senate.

"This damn letter should be used by you! Change the heading. Write it to Nancy Pelosi. Write it to Chuck Schumer. Write it to Steny Hoyer. Write it to Clyburn, write it to all of them, and tell them, 'OK. Now we want the same thing from you. We want the same thing from you. ... Mr. President? Your accountant? Provide them with nothing. Republicans, it's time to charge the Hill."

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