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Levin: Democrats 'are eviscerating our system of law' to impeach President Trump

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Wednesday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin discussed the letter the White House sent to House Democrats criticizing their impeachment efforts.

In the letter, White House counsel Pat Cipollone calls House Democrats' impeachment probe "illegitimate" for multiple reasons, chief among them the fact that the House has yet to hold a vote of the full chamber.

"The House of Representatives is supposed to be involved," rather than just the leaders of a single party, Levin explained. "[The Framers] didn't want one party as a mob, using the Impeachment Clause as a way to reverse a past election and to affect a future election so close the general election."

The White House's letter also cites a "a separate, fatal defect" in the Democrats' probe: Lack of due process stemming from the lack of procedures to afford the president "even the most basic protections." Levin also agreed with this critique.

"Due process is necessary," Levin explained. "The right to call witnesses is necessary. The right to cross-examine other witnesses is necessary. The right to have counsel is necessary. The right to participate fully in the process is necessary."

Ultimately, Levin reminded viewers, this impeachment push isn't about fidelity to the Constitution and historical precedent; it's about undermining President Trump and undoing the election that put him in office:

They used to talk about Russia for two and a half years. They used to talk about the Mueller report. They used to talk about volume 2 of the Mueller report. They used to demand grand jury information. They have failed on every single front.

So now it's Ukraine, and they don't intend to fail this time, you see. Because they are going to violate — violate — the procedures that have been in place in the House of Representatives for Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton.

It is they who are eviscerating our system of law. It is they who need to be held to account.


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