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Levin: 'Why is it that the Democrats never think of ways to expand liberty?'

Conservative Review

Tuesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin explained why instead of shutting down the Democratic presidential campaign talking points, such as single-payer health care and reparations, the American people should simply let Democrats try to defend them.

Levin read a piece from National Review, which showed that while 81 percent of Democrats say it is important that the Democratic nominee supports Medicare for All, 78 percent of Democratic voters do not support the provision at the heart of Medicare for All: the abolishing of private insurance, which Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have been promoting.

"People don't support abolishing private health care," Levin said. "They want prices to come down; they want more options; and only the private sector — really only competition — can provide that. Not a government-run private system, which is kind of what we have today. So the Democrats should be forced to eat their proposals. The Democrats want to run on reparations? Let them run on reparations! But first let them explain it."


Levin added that we should also let the Democratic presidential nominees talk about the cost of the programs they say they will implement and how the increased federal income taxes will hurt the middle class and the poor the most.

"Now they want a federal wealth tax on your real estate," Levin said. "Do you know why there's no federal property tax? Because it's not in the Constitution. So how're they going to get federal wealth tax? If you own a private business, you're now going to have towns and states telling you what your minimum wage is. You're going to have health care for all that you're going to have to pay for; it'll be a monumental cost. You're going to have to pay for family leave, another monumental cost. And then on top of that, the federal government's going to come in and say, 'Uh, wealth tax.' Why is it that the Democrats never think of ways to expand liberty and opportunity and creativity and productivity? Instead, they're always trying to choke the golden goose. And they think they'll choke the golden goose and yet the golden goose will continue to lay golden eggs. It doesn't work that way."

"They use this Marxist class warfare to get what they want. None of these people with these proposals have ever created jobs in the private sector. None of them have had to meet payrolls. None of them have paid salaries. None of them have paid pensions. None of them have paid medical care for their folks and so forth. They haven't invented a thing. They haven't produced a thing. They're politicians."

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