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Levin: This 'extraordinarily irresponsible and dangerous' House amendment on Iran would put America's security at risk

Conservative Review

Friday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin explained that an amendment passed by the House on this year's National Defense Authorization Act threatens both the separation of powers and America's national security if the Senate decides to go along with it.

Before passage of the defense bill on Friday, the Democrat-majority House included an amendment sponsored by Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., prohibiting the Trump administration from using military force against Iran without congressional approval.

"You better believe Iran is thrilled tonight," Levin said of the amendment, noting how this will further embolden the adversarial regime. Levin also explained that not every use of military force is an act of war requiring a declaration from Congress. "This is an extraordinarily irresponsible and dangerous amendment," he later added.

"The same Congress that refuses to secure our border, the same Congress that spent a decade eviscerating the United States military, the same Congress that did nothing when China was rising up against us, the same Congress that is allowing spending to go through the roof at levels human beings have never seen before. ... We're going to hand these people power that is not in Article I but belongs in Article II, to the commander in chief, so that they get to sit there in these committees with Nadler and Schiff, Waters, Pelosi — the ringleader — to determine whether the president can order a military strike?"

"This is insanity! Absolute insanity."

The House and the Senate passed different versions of the bill, which will have to be resolved before it is sent to the White House for signature. President Trump has already threatened to veto the House bill due to the many Democratic policy proposals that made it into the House version.


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