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Levin: Has the swamp changed Trump’s mind on Israel?

Conservative Review

Starting off the week on the radio, Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin addressed how President Donald Trump appears to be wavering on his commitment to be a strong ally for Israel by reportedly reneging on his promise to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

“I’ve been watching with great frustration and concern how he appears to be in the middle of betraying that promise,” Levin said.


According to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the president is “being very careful” in weighing the option to move the embassy  afraid of upsetting peace negotiations for a two-state solution. Levin warned that the president ought to recognize the consequences of dealing with the Palestinians.

“In many respects a two-state solution is a final solution for Israel,” Levin explained, questioning why the president appears to have done an about-face on the issue.

“Why did the president say that he would move our embassy to Jerusalem when he didn’t mean it?”

After taking a short break, Levin played audio of Secretary Tillerson on “Meet the Press” from the weekend. Tillerson’s comments were revealing.


“The move, if you listen to the secretary of state, is connected to a peace initiative,” Levin said. “Oh, so now it’s blackmail?” he continued, quoting the Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro.

“This is turning in to Obama 2.0,” Levin said. “This is turning in to a mess.”

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