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Levin: Ilhan Omar is facing pushback because she’s a ‘Jew-hating, anti-Semitic, anti-American radical’

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On his radio show Monday evening, LevinTV host Mark Levin discussed how Ilhan Omar and the Democrats have increasingly radicalized the political environment in the United States.

“I’ve been watching the weekend coverage of this Ilhan Omar, and it is amazing that when the Democrats decide on a propaganda line or propaganda talking points, how they are identical to what the media then report,” he started.

“The Democrats have been inciting violence against President Trump … They’ve called him Hitler. They’ve called him Stalin. They’ve called him Mussolini. They’ve called him a white nationalist. A klansman. A white supremacist. They’ve called him a neo-Nazi. They’ve called him an anti-Semite. A racist. Every imaginable, horrific word of evil that they can muster, and they’ve done this relentlessly,” Levin continued.

He added:

“I wonder how many death threats our president has received as a result of this kind of language from Democrats, Never Trumpers, and the media.”

Turning to Ilhan Omar, Levin described the Minnesota congresswoman as a “Jew-hating, anti-Semitic, anti-American radical.”

“She has portrayed herself this way because that’s who she is. So has [Rashida] Tlaib. So has AOC. All three of them are truly insignificant figures, but the media continue to play them up, because the media are as radical as they get.”

“What this is all about … is an effort by the Democrat Party and the media to prevent her from being criticized,” Levin said of Omar.


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