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Levin: 'It's the Democrats who are the racists'

Conservative Review

Tuesday on the radio, ahead of the nationwide address on the border from President Donald Trump, LevinTV host Mark Levin read from a 2017 article in The Atlantic by Peter Beinart, detailing how liberals of 10 years ago questioned immigration in ways that would shock progressives today. Levin said the Republican position hasn't changed, but "the Democrats have changed ... and they've been radicalized on this issue. ... So what has caused this?"

Levin read from the 2008 Democratic Party platform, referred to in the article, which criticized the nation's "broken immigration system" and said that those who employ illegal immigrants "disrespect the rule of law." He noted that the Democrats' policy positions "mirror President Donald Trump's call for a wall covering part of the U.S.-Mexico border and an increase in the amount of Customs and Border Protection agents."

Levin explained that the 2016 platform was quite a bit different, with no mention of immigration enforcement, among other flip-flops. Beinart's article says the reason for the switch is "political": that between 2008 and 2016, Democrats changed their position to garner the support of Latino voters. "To win the presidency," Beinart wrote, "Democrats convinced themselves they didn't need to reassure white people skeptical of immigration, so long as they turned out their Latino base."

Levin responded: "So in other words ... it's the Democrats who are the racists. It's the Democrats, through identity politics, who are pushing us in this position of open borders," Levin said.


"And that, ladies and gentlemen, explains everything you need to know about why the Democrats — they put party first, country second and are absolutely prepared to eliminate national sovereignty. It's all about power; has always been about power. Acquiring it, maintaining it, and keeping it, forever if possible. That's what they've turned our immigration policy into."

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