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Levin: The same media that calls Trump 'Hitler' defends Joe Biden's 'gaffes' — and lies

Conservative Review

Friday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin tore into the media for yet another display of its brazen political bias.

Levin discussed the recent media coverage of an exchange during last week's Democratic debate in which Julian Castro asked Biden if the older candidate was forgetting what he had said "two minutes ago."

Castro got a lot of backlash from the media and elected Democrats for the line of questioning. He has since defended his actions.

Levin pointed out that this incident illustrates a stark contrast between how the media treats Joe Biden and how it treats President Donald Trump.

"This would be the same media that has called our president Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, a neo-Nazi, a white supremacist, a white nationalist, a dictator, mentally unhinged, mentally ill, insane, dangerous," Levin said. "The same media that is very upset about the way Castro spoke about Joe Biden."

"Joe Biden is said to have 'gaffes,' even when he lies through his, well, false teeth," Levin added.

"They're not all gaffes; many of them are flat-out lies," the host continued. "The Washington Post doesn't have a stooge sitting there counting all of Joe Biden's lies, do they?"


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