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Levin: Do the media tell themselves they're 'undermining the legitimacy of this president?'

Levin: Do the media tell themselves they're 'undermining the legitimacy of this president?'

Tuesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin roasted the mainstream media's hysterical claims about Trump's remarks about North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

The president agreed with Kim Jong Un's assessment of Joe Biden as a "low IQ individual." The media immediately jumped on the president for agreeing with Un at Biden's expense.

"That's your media today, ladies and gentlemen: The president's a dictator, the president likes dictators, the president is flacking for North Korea," Levin said. "First of all, we have more military power sitting off the coast of North Korea today than we have at any time in modern years. Any time in the Obama administration, Clinton administration, the last Bush administration. We have a carrier group or two just sitting there, as well as nuclear subs. Does that sound like he's selling out to North Korea?"

Levin pointed out that though the media was appalled at the meaning they read into Trump's tweet, they celebrated Obama when he opened an embassy in Havana, Cuba, though Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro murdered tens of thousands of people.

"Barack Milhous Benito Obama and his sidekick, dumb Joe Biden: They gave tens of billions of dollars, released from Europe and the United States, to the Islamo-Nazi regime in Tehran, which still has that money. And they're building nukes. And they're doing other things all over the Middle East — in fact, all over the world — backing terrorism. They've killed hundred and hundreds of American armed forces. They had no problem with that, in fact they supported it, the media. All these clowns who are talking right now: they all supported that. Did they say that Barack Obama was a sellout to Iran? No, just as he wasn't a sellout to the communists in Cuba. When Putin invaded the Ukraine, among other places, what did Barack Obama do? Nothing. Did they say he was kissing up to Putin and the Russians? When Obama met with Medvedebadeba and said, 'Just wait till after the election,' when he was more flexible? No."


"So the president of the United States agrees with Un that Joe Biden has a low IQ, something the whole world is well aware of. But they're defending Joe Biden. The Praetorian Guard is defending Joe Biden. When they trash our president of the United States, here and abroad, day in and day out, do the media say to themselves that they're undermining the legitimacy of this president? When they were talking about the president being mentally unhinged and bringing one hack fool professor psychiatrist after another on television saying that, were they undermining our commander in chief? When the senior level of the FBI was trying to take out the president of the United States through a coup, did they say they were undermining our commander in chief, like little dictators? What do they say about the radical rogue mobster Democrats who run these various committees, going after the president, his finances, his family, his taxes, and all the rest? Do they say that they're giving aid and comfort to the enemy, so they must be lining up with the dictators of the world? No. No. All these people, ladies and gentlemen — they can go to hell."

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