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Levin: ‘Obama knew’ about surveillance abuse targeting Trump world

Conservative Review

LevinTV host Mark Levin started his radio show Tuesday talking about the “stunning revelation” that former FBI Director James Comey did not believe Gen. Michael Flynn lied to the FBI, yet Flynn was charged with doing so under special counsel Robert Mueller.

Levin reminded the audience that this issue first surfaced in December in a Fox News report.

He continued, discussing how we have known since February 2017 about the Obama administration’s alleged abuse of powers granted to the executive under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Levin then played a clip of his analysis from last year, speculating about how widespread the former administration’s surveillance policy may have been.

“How many of these intercepts are there?” Levin said in the 2017 clip. “What did Barack Obama know and when did he know it?” he asked.

Back to his live show, Levin advised that congressional investigators “get access to the daily presidential briefing that covers this period of time, to find out exactly what Obama knew.”

“I’m going to tell you something. Obama knew” about the past administration’s surveillance efforts, he concluded.

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