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Levin rips the media's 'flat-out lies' accusing him of tanking the stock market

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Friday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin picked apart reports that he somehow directly inspired President Trump's new plan to pressure Mexico into cooperation on illegal immigration via a series of escalating tariffs.

Earlier that day, Mediaite published a story titled "Mark Levin Reportedly Helped Inspire Trump Plan to Impose Tariffs, Tanking Stock Market"; that was based on an NBC report that relied heavily on anonymous sources and said that the president had gotten "riled up" about illegal immigration because of comments made by Levin.

"I inspired the five percent tariff plan?" Levin mused on the air. "I haven't talked to the president about this; he hasn't talked to me about this." Levin also said that Friday night was his first time discussing the new Mexico tariff plan on the radio or television and that he was doing so because of the reports.

"Will Mediaite publish a correction?" Levin asked. "Will NBC explain what the hell they're talking about? Of course not."

"That ... is what the president means by fake news," Levin concluded. "That's what I mean by flat-out lies."


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