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Levin: They 'concocted a scandal' to cover Obama admin's failures

Conservative Review

"From the beginning the focus has been on the wrong thing, on the wrong people. The Democrats and Hillary Clinton and the media have concocted a scandal," said Mark Levin as he opened his radio show Friday night. "A scandal that has suggested that Donald Trump and his surrogates were colluding with the Russians during the 2016 election. That is a truly incredible allegation with no facts whatsoever."

Now, after coming up short time and time again in proving such a scandal, the Left has used the firing of former FBI director James Comey to ratchet up more accusations. Levin does not deny that, in fact, the Russians did interfere with America's 2016 election. But he contends that we have been focusing on the right problem and the wrong people.

"What in the world did Donald Trump have to do with that? Nothing," Levin argued. "Who was president of the United States in 2016? Barack Obama. Who was the attorney general in 2016? Loretta Lynch. Who ran the FBI in 2016? James Comey."

"THEY were responsible for protecting our nation ... our voting system ... the DNC database and the RNC database from the Russians, and they didn't. They failed!"

The Left is running a massive smear campaign to cover the "epic failures of the prior administration," Levin said.

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