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Levin: Trump policies are ‘head and shoulders over what Obama did’ with Russia

Conservative Review

LevinTV host Mark Levin started his radio show Tuesday evening defending President Trump’s record on Russia when compared to his predecessors.

He discussed the media’s outrageous behavior in its overreaction to the Trump-Putin press conference. Some comparing the meeting to Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and Kristillnacht.

“And so I look at this in the big scheme of things, and I hear that John McCain, God bless him, has said this is pretty much the worst a president has ever done with the Russians. Now that’s absolutely nuts,” Levin commented.

Levin continued:

“When you look at what Trump has done vis-à-vis Russia … he’s head and shoulders over what Obama did. He's arming the Ukrainians, which Obama refused to do. The Poles and the Czechs, they're getting their defense equipment, their Patriot missiles, which Obama pulled. Crimea wasn't annexed when Trump was president. It was annexed when Obama was president."

Levin read passages from Paul Kengor’s latest article in the American Spectator, which noted how the Left has always been weak on Russia and sometimes cozy with its communist ideology during the time of the Soviet Union. One such passage from Kengor’s article states:

“This hypocrisy is outrageous. It’s outrageous that it took charges of Russian meddling against Hillary Clinton to finally make progressives give a damn about the dangerous deceit of the Kremlin.”

Levin wound up by reading the conclusion of the Kengor piece:

“But for liberals, it’s now a full-blown crusade against the Russkies. The guns and gulags and Yalta and Katyn and Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs didn’t fire them up, but hell hath no fury like a Hillary supporter scorned by the Kremlin.” Listen:

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