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What it’s like to live in the Baltimore basket case

Conservative Review

As a life-long resident of central Maryland, I’d like to present my readers with a personal view of what it will be like when, thanks to suicidal immigration policies and the creation of a permanent Democrat majority, the rest of the country becomes like Baltimore.

I touched on some of these issues last month in “Baltimore, Gun Control, and the Moral Bankruptcy of Liberalism,” but I’d like to expand upon the moral dyslexia in light of the update in the trial against the six officers being charged for the murder of Freddie Gray. The trial court judge is now forcing one officer to testify against his fellow officer even though they are both on trial, and said testimony could be used to incriminate the first officer.

It is bad enough that Freddie Gray even became a story. Had this man been white, nobody would have heard of the story. This is a man who self-immolated in a freakish accident by slamming his neck into a bolt in the back of a police van after he was arrested by the Baltimore City Police. There was absolutely no probable cause to indict the six police officers on reasonable suspicion that they intended to let Freddie Gray die. There was not enough evidence even for a civil case, much less a criminal one. Yet, last April, state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby issued an indictment for murder and announced it at a racially-tinged pep rally where she said she’d heard “the call of ‘no justice, no peace.’”

In the most flagrant violation of our most foundational principles on the rule of law, the first officer, William Porter, was put on trial in December to please the local mob in its very own jurisdiction. If there ever was a case to be made that a trial be moved to a different jurisdiction for concern of both partiality and intimidation of the jury, this is the case. Yet, the defendants were repeatedly denied that request.

Throughput the trial, officer Porter was treated as presumed guilty unless he could prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was innocent and could demonstrate that he didn’t know the predicament of Gray during the van ride.

Appallingly, at least some members of the jury wanted to convict him, resulting in a hung jury. Amazingly, the judge decided to retry Porter, even though we are going on nine months since the indictment. These cops are being treated differently than anyone else simply because they are cops in Baltimore City amidst a media circus exacerbated by Obama’s Justice Department because the victim was black. This is not the color-blind society of which Martin Luther King dreamt.

Freeze frame at this point: The local and state “legal” system has already violated the defendants’ Fourth Amendment (probable cause), Fifth Amendment (due process), Sixth Amendment (right to both a speedy trial and an impartial jury), and 14th Amendment rights (equal protection in its truest sense, not by the media’s standards).

Now the trial judge is forcing Officer Porter to testify against another indicted officer, Caesar Goodson, even though that testimony can be used to incriminate him. In this unprecedented move, Judge Barry G. Williams is blatantly violating the self-incrimination clause of the Fifth Amendment without granting Porter immunity from prosecution but is telling Porter not to worry, the testimony won’t be used against him in his own trial. Sure, tell that to the jury pool, which has already shown itself to be tainted. Moreover, Porter is not protected by this promise on a federal level because his testimony can be used against him in the case that Obama’s egregious civil rights investigation leads to an indictment on federal charges.

The entire Bill of Rights and tenants of law and order are being vitiated in order to pacify a mob and placate the pagan Gods of political correctness.

But it gets worse.

As a result of the criminalization of basic police work, Baltimore police have retreated from the procedures and policies that have resulted in the two-decades decline in crime. Crime in Baltimore has skyrocketed to the point that the city set a new record for homicides and had the most homicides per capita of any city in the country. While most of the murders have been downtown, the robberies and muggings have spilled over into the suburbs. My neighborhood is under the worst security predicament I’ve seen in my lifetime.

With the police on the sidelines, certainly it is up to the people to protect themselves, right? Well, the liberal deviants thought of everything. While they let criminals out of jail and prosecute police officers for doing their jobs, they seriously infringe upon the gun rights of law-abiding citizens. Very few people are allowed to carry guns in Maryland and many individuals who want to become first-time gun owners must go through a long process lasting several months to even purchase a single firearm for home defense. After shredding the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and 14th Amendments, why not toss in the Second as well?

This is the nightmare scenario of a government that creates super rights for protected classes and infringes upon the impregnable and foundational rights of all citizens. This is what will play out in all of America if we don’t reclaim our sovereignty, security, and civil society.

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