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Look to Lady Liberty, not to ‘feminist’ Marxists

Conservative Review

Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are committed leftists. They are often cited as feminist heroes by the political left. So let’s explore their recent statements of self-identification.

Hillary says she’s a capitalist, which The Daily Beast picked up to shame her before its socialist following. If you listen closely to her comments, she was trying to explain how saying she was a capitalist in Iowa hurt her across the board when 41 percent of Democrats identify as socialists, meaning, “It’s Iowa! What do you expect me to say?”

The funny part is that she really is worse than a socialist; she’s an ideological Marxist, which is so extreme that she knows she can’t openly say it, because there just aren’t enough wacko socialists in the party to make up for the number of people abandoning that party because of them. The purpose of socialism is communism, yet they can’t see the real thing while she’s tripping around in sheep’s clothing.

At this point, it appears that Democrats of all stripes would like her to crawl back under her rock and leave the Democrat Party.

Michelle Obama told students at Temple University that she’s their “forever First Lady,” to wild screams and applause. Why she didn’t say “former” is unclear. Oh, wait, it’s because that would be the truth.

The incident is reminiscent of her line “for the first time in my life, I’m proud of my country,” which sounded a lot like “because of the color of my skin and my husband’s, I can be proud of all you moron racists out there for voting for us.”

Both women are really stuck on themselves and are terrible role models for women, because they both manipulate the truth, break people into groups based on their differences, and further an ideology that leads to the destruction of individualism and therefore of freedom itself.

Hillary’s no capitalist; she’s a grifter. Even Rich Uncle Pennybags could not conceive the swindles she’s pulled off, because even the most hated capitalists have to comply with the law. There’s a constant “go directly to jail” threat that typically keeps capitalists from swindling people. Hillary puts herself above the law, and she’s got a long list of scared-to-death accomplices that keep her out there, falling up staircases.

Michelle’s not anyone’s monarch for life. She hated being first lady; she hates Americans; and she represents almost zero American values. Her understanding of America is based on color, and that’s pretty much it. She’s not deep, she’s not intellectual, and she’s not compelling except apparently to young people who don’t know any better.

And by the way, Hillary is a former first lady too, as well as sustaining a crushing defeat as the nation’s first female nominee for president. It seems like the sisters’ club is a little rocky over there in crazyland.

These women, held up as model feminists, are adherents to a mindset of victimhood and intolerance. They hold themselves out as the best examples of what can be accomplished, when what they’ve accomplished is a dangerously divided country after attempting to gain authoritarian control of it. We only narrowly escaped the clutches of these destroyers in this last round, but they never stop.

Feminism is socialism, which is communism. These women are not to be held up as our betters; they are to be mocked and fought off at every turn.

We definitely appear to be always one election away from our ruin, if we aren’t already ruined by a hundred years of these people trying to destroy this nation from within. These leftists draw crowds of staggering numbers of people who are unacquainted with freedom and who show us every day that they do not want the responsibilities of such liberty. Yet to allow them to win the day means the end of the idea that man can be free.

They are proud of their country when they are in charge of it. And when they are in charge, they hold a pillow over Lady Liberty’s head until she stops squirming.

Instead of the complete manure we are being fed by feminism’s ludicrous demands against human nature, it is time women start looking to Lady Liberty as their forever first lady. Only her freedom and capitalism have saved and helped billions worldwide.

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