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Mark Levin calls it: Mueller is being used to impeach Trump

Conservative Review

Thursday, Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin was back on the radio. In hour two of his program, Levin gave some thoughts on the revelation that special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating President Trump and claims that the president obstructed justice.

“There’s absolutely no reason to have a special counsel, but it’s something the Democrats want and something the Republicans capitulated to,” Levin said. “So now we have this roving prosecutor whose subject of investigation is whatever subject he decides to investigate.”

“Is that what constitutional government is about, ladies and gentlemen?” Levin asked.


“We now have a federal prosecutor, independent of every branch of the federal government, who has as his objective to take down the president of the United States,” Levin declared.

“Mr. Mueller may be investigating individuals and so forth, but his purpose for being unleashed against the president of the United States is to make the case for impeachment, not indictment,” Levin said. “This is very, very important to understand.”

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