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Mark Levin gives 'crucial' reminder to be thankful to be American

Conservative Review

People should be thankful for the opportunity to live in a land that's been a beacon of freedom that's long rejected progressive ideals, LevinTV host Mark Levin said in the second hour of his radio show Tuesday evening.


He reminded listeners of the collapse and failures of past empires and societies.


“The bigger the government gets … the more it seeks to control, the more it is out of control,” Levin said of the threat of the progressive movement.


“Look around you. See the benefits of liberty — capitalism, private property rights, the market system, competition, wealth creation profits,” Levin said. “Look around you. You happen to live, you happen to have been born into the most prosperous, spectacular society mankind has ever known.”

Levin said that it is “crucial” that Americans continue to defend the founding principles and reject the “federal Leviathan” that is Big Government.



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