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Mark Levin exposing ‘police state tactics’ of Obama lackeys

Conservative Review

Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin made waves Thursday by showing how the phony, alleged scandal concerning Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his contact with the Russian ambassador pales in comparison to the real scandal: a “silent coup” by unelected Obama-era bureaucrats against the elected president of the United States.

He also criticized Republicans who took cheap political shots at Sessions instead of asking serious questions about how Obama holdovers are attempting to undermine Trump.

Levin’s message was picked up by various media outlets including Breitbart News, RealClearPolitics, and, of course, here at CR.

"There's a much bigger scandal here,” Levin said Thursday. He continued, saying:

We have a prior administration – Barack Obama and his surrogates – who are supporting Hillary Clinton and her party, the Democratic Party. Who were using the ... intelligence activities to surveil members of the Trump campaign, and to put that information out in the public.

"The question is: Was Obama surveilling top Trump campaign officials during the election?" he asked.

Levin recounts how in June of 2016, the Obama administration filed a request with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) to monitor communications involving Donald Trump and his advisers, a request that was denied.

In October, as Andy McCarthy reported at National Review, the Obama administration tried again, an attempt that was met with success. Top Trump associates became the targets of several intelligence agency investigations. What happened next? Leaks to the press from national security agencies caused the president’s national security adviser Michael Flynn to resign. Now the attorney general has recused himself of investigations related to the 2016 campaign.

These are “police state tactics,” Levin warned.

If the unelected members of the federal bureaucracy can willfully violate the will of the elected president and undermine his authority as these Obama-administration holdovers appear to have done, how can the United States be said to be a country where the people are sovereign and governed by their consent?

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