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Mark Levin takes on the 'Media S### Show' and radical Dems in a FREE episode of LevinTV

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In a "power-packed" free episode of LevinTV, CRTV host Mark Levin took on the media "s### show" and the attacks hurled at President Trump as the immigration debate rages.

But it wasn't just the media in his sights. Levin delved into the Democratic Party's radical positions on amnesty for illegal immigrants, showing Democrats are willing to shut down the government to get what they want.

"They're saying, 'If we don't have a clean DACA, if these illegal immigrant alien children who are now in their 20s and 30s, if you don't don't give them amnesty we're shutting down the government on Friday,'" Levin said.

"This is blackmail!" Levin said.

The Democrats and their partners in the media are on the offensive. When they are not pushing for amnesty, they are attacking the president as mentally unstable and racist.

It is all part of the progressive long game.

"We have a Democrat Party that isn't [as] interested in fundamentally transforming America as they are interested in fundamentally destroying America," Levin said. "And this has been the progressive effort for a century. And it's incredibly successful."

Proving his point, Levin played a "prophetic" speech by a former Democratic governor of Colorado that tells you exactly how the Left intends to abuse our immigration policies. Their aim is to destroy the country and rebuild it according to their utopian designs.

Watch Levin explain it all in this exclusive free episode of LevinTV on CRTV.

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