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Mark Levin tears up 'left-wing kook' Kamala Harris

Conservative Review

Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin opened the second hour of his show Tuesday night discussing California’s “pathetic” Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris. Levin took particular issue with the “disrespect” shown by Harris in a hearing with DHS secretary, and decorated veteran, Gen. John Kelly.

Levin described Harris as a “know-nothing, pathetic, left-wing kook from California who they’re now promoting as another presidential candidate.”

“So you have to be a street disorganizer. Is that where we’re going now in this country?” Levin asked. “She is a disgrace. She is pathetic.

In a testy hearing Tuesday concerning the issue of sanctuary cities, Harris continually interrupted the DHS chief and lectured him on proper protocol.

“Kamala Harris is so obsessed with advocating for illegal aliens,” Levin commented, adding that the Democrat Party “cares more about foreigners in America illegally than American citizens who are here paying taxes.”

“The Mark Levin Show” next played a clip of Sen. Jon Tester, the “clown” Democratic official from Montana, regarding his attempted “gotcha” questions involving Trump administration official (and the president’s son-in-law) Jared Kushner.


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