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Mother's Day: Tim Tebow vs. Planned Parenthood depravity

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When a culture is in the midst of self-immolation, not even Mother’s Day is immune from the political battlefield these days. Seems like it would be enough just to tell the women — who literally gave birth to the latest chapter of civilization — that we love them and are thankful for the special and unique role they played in our lives.

But since progressivism is soul-cancer incarnate, Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards, says the heck with all that. According to her calendar, it’s never not time to promote the soulless slaughter of innocents. The queen killer bee of America’s larget abortion mill took to Twitter on Mother’s Day to say this:

Now let me see if I have this correct … Mothers. Get care. By killing their child. And that’s not only a right, but that’s love. I guess that’s one version of America (or hell) you can choose to live in.

Or can you go with Tim Tebow, who also took to Twitter on Sunday to acknowledge Mother’s Day. When it came to his mom, who refused to abort him despite medical advice to the contrary, the former college football superstar said this:

In this version of America, love is acknowledged as born out of courage, sacrifice, and faith. A slightly different path than Richards suggests, which is one paved with selfishness, fake science, and the sale of human remains for profit. One sounds like the Declaration of Independence; the other sounds like Auschwitz. One sounds exceptional; the other sounds like a place to escape from.

I’ll let you sort out which is which.

But once you do, it seems like you need to get some skin in the game and decide which one is worth fighting for. That’s what Tebow does, according to the possibilities of the platforms and skills that God has blessed him with. And he always does it with a million-dollar smile on his face, despite the slings and arrows that come his way.

Meanwhile, Richards says taxpayers need to be forced to join her killing fields. And instead of mocking her nefarious profession, the macabre politicians of both parties line up and sign on the dotted line.

That goes back to my earlier statement about actively defining what kind of country we want to live in. For it seems like a majority of us have already made our decision. A tweet like Richards’ won’t be even remotely weighed and measured by the press for its demonic quality, and almost none of our churches will preach on our need to be salt and light in the face of such hell on earth.

So Tebow, and whatever remaining remnant still not bowing to Molech, walks largely alone — taking fire from fake friends and feral foes alike. At the same time, Richards has received almost 2,200 "likes" and 770 retweets, at the time of this writing, for advocating what healthy cultures would call crimes against humanity.

Of course, most of us wouldn’t even recognize either Richards or Tebow’s mother if we came across them on the street. That’s sad in both cases. Because one deserves to be in jail, and the other lives to simply hear "I love you, Mom" — a phrase there is little room for in Cecile Richards' gruesome world.

Pam Tebow knows where her true home is. We would be wise to ask her and her son for directions.

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